Simply your 3PL Logistics Business

Complete 3PL Warehousing
A complete 3PL warehousing solution to serve large volumes of orders daily across multiple channels and warehouses.
Production and Returns Management
Includes production orders and returns management with gate management and inward scheduling.
Easy Dispatch Management
Handle bulk dispatches for multiple logistics providers with single click dispatch and complete history.

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A better way to order fulfillment

Complete view of all orders, shipments, purchase orders, returns, inventory and warehouses.

Unified Order Processing

All orders in a unified view with color coded processing stages.

Order Summary with Channel Order Numbers
See the complete summary of the order along with KuberWMS order number.
Order Status at a glance
See the latest order status updated as the order status changes in real time. Actions available on each order vary with the status.
Extensive filtering
Extensive filtering capability including status wise and various other options to find the order you are looking for.

Hassle-free, easy purchasing processes

Easily place purchase orders and inwards for acceptance of those orders.

Client specific purchase orders
Clients can create purchase orders and let their suppliers know.
Advance Shipment Scheduling and Notifications
Suppliers create shipment notices against purchase orders and schedule delivery.
Incoming scheduling
Per gate scheduling with time slots and weight limits. Get automatic multi-slot bookings based on shipment weight.

Well Planned Dispatches

Dispatches are extremely easy and with a full tracking history.

Easy Dispatch View
See all the packed order boxes grouped by logistics provider.
Bulk dispatches
Select and dispatch all for any logistics provider with a single click.
Automatic Dispatch History
Automatic recording of orders dispatches and full maintenance of history.

Easy returns management

Easily create returns, approve and accept returns.

Easy Returns
Easily create returns, accept or reject them. Process returns easily.
Automatic Sorting on Status
Incoming returns are automatically sorted by product's current status and physical state of the returned item.
Outward Challan for returned items
Create outward challan for returned item and either add back in your inventory or return to vendor.

Always upto date inventory

Real time inventory status across whole system

Real time Location Stock
See all the stock on any location in real time across any of your warehouses across the globe.
Bulk Stock Inward
Bring stock in bulk into your warehouses for rapid ramp up of your inventory. Even serialized stock.
Stock Shortages
See all the stock shortages holding up your orders. Review and get more stock for the items.

Multi Warehouse 3PL Logistics

Operate a full, multi-location warehousing system from a single software.

Multi Warehousing
All your warehouses managed from a single application. See complete stock and perform all operations from a single interface.
Efficient Picking & Packing
Generate picking lists for single order or multiple orders automatically grouped for efficiency. Pack rapidly with materials.
Powerful Reporting
View and export orders and shipment reports across status, customers, due dates, ship dates. Detailed history and change tracking.

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