Social Networking App – Communicate Forever


CommunicateForever is a course whose purpose is to create a more advanced civilization. CommunicateForever assists people in all nations to learn and use simple and effective communication skills. To create healthier relationships with family, friends, work associates, and strangers. Increase leadership, productivity, and influence. Reduce conflict and violence by safely expressing anger, fear, grief, envy, and love.

CommunicateForever enables individuals to teach themselves communication skills and to connect, discuss and share forming groups and communities within the app. The course can be provided by schools and colleges, employers, and places of worship. It can be provided in various ways: in a classroom or meeting room, via email, in online meetings using products like GoToMeeting, or with lunch and learn meetings. A suggested typical course can be offered in ten or twelve class periods of two hour periods. Two to four skills can be covered in one class period.