Inventory Management in a snap

Manage all your items and their inventory across multiple warehouses.

Inventory management made easy

With our inventory management system, you can track your stock with ease. Detailed tracking of complete inventory at your fingertips.

Full Accounting of stock

Full accounting of all the incoming, outgoing or stock transfer with A-Z sum reports. All tracking against multiple warehouses.

Reservation of Stock

Upon acceptance of orders stock is reserved automatically in the system against various rules. Automatic release on order cancellation.

Save time and money with KuberWMS

Client specific product listing

Maintain a client wise list of products that you stock.

Products Registry
Maintain products with SKU/ISBN along with approval process for new products.
Product Dimensions
Add weight, volumetric size, price or counting method for each product. Use volumetric calculations for advanced stocking in warehouse.
Unlimited Custom Fields
Add various types of products with custom fields for each type. No limit on number of fields and types.

Always upto date inventory

Real time inventory status across whole system

Real time Location Stock
See all the stock on any location in real time across any of your warehouses across the globe.
Bulk Stock Inward
Bring stock in bulk into your warehouses for rapid ramp up of your inventory. Even serialized stock.
Stock Shortages
See all the stock shortages holding up your orders. Review and get more stock for the items.

Streamline your shipping. Start using KuberWMS today.

Switching to KuberWMS will save you tons of headache (and money). Why not give it a try?

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