Feature Rich Order Fulfilment

No more juggling between multiple systems to manage your order fulfilment.

Unified Order View

Connect with existing platforms like WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify or Amazon and see all your orders in a single system.

All-in-one order processing

All-in-one order processing system that helps you streamline your workflows and tackle challenges quickly, such as out of stock products or receiving products from suppliers.


Integrate with your own website or ERP using KuberWMS API for easy fulfilment across custom channels.

A better way to process orders

KuberWMS facilitates separating orders into Rapid, Normal, Bulk or Pre-packed Subscription orders.

Unified Order Processing View

All orders visible in a single view with color coded processing stages.

Order Summary with Channel Order Numbers
See the complete summary of the order along with KuberWMS order number (sequential).
Order Status at a glance
See the latest order status updated as the order status changes in real time. Actions available on each order vary with the status.
Extensive filtering
Extensive filtering capability including status wise and various other options to find the order you are looking for.

Complete Order Details with process tracking

See all the order details and track progress of each step of the order fulfilment.

Detailed Order Information
See all the order details including process status, change history and internal comments all on a single detailed page.
Process Tracking
See current state of the dispatch process. Directly jump to the step from details page.

All-in-one platform

Normal Orders
Orders that follow complete processing cycle: Picking, Verification, Packing, Dispatch.
Rapid Orders
Orders that use single page checkout process. Simply scan the item and mark it packed.
Bulk Orders
Processing of bulk orders that contain lot of normal orders packed in a single large consignment.
Large volume orders that are pre-packed and need to be grouped by destination region.
Shipping Label Generation
Generate simplified shipping labels for each packed order including multi-box shipping labels.
Packing List
Generate packing list for each box packed and a cumulative packing list for complete order.
Order Attachments
See and print PDFs attached to orders at time of printing of order documents.
Bill of Supply
Bill of supply for sending with packed order with all order details. Printed in triplicate.

Streamline your shipping. Start using KuberWMS today.

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